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A message from Muang

In this video, Muang shows the current state of the facilities at the Chin Refugee Centre in Yangon. In the video, you can see the dormitories of the children and the communal eating hall. All of this was made possible by donations to Mission2Myanmar. However, many of these children lack education, and food supply is still scarce. This is why the Mission2Myanmar Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) was started. You can view active projects below. If you would like to know more about any of these, please contact 



M2M is currently supplying children at Yangon with educational materials. A school is also currently being built. With your help, students otherwise unable to access education can learn again.


Purified water

We believe that access to clean water is a basic human right. Our advanced purification technology ensures that our water is safe and free from contaminants for the children.


Food and Shelter

Many of the children at Yangon have been displaced from their homes, and amidst a food shortage, many would otherwise starve. Muang aspires to provide all the children with shelter and food, however more support is needed to ensure this support into the future.


Here are some of the projects that Mission2Myanmar is working on at the moment. With your help, projects like these can improve the lives of children in Myanmar greatly. Our vision is to provide many more children with support. Yangon is just the start.

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