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Children in Myanmar need your help

Myanmar is going through a very serious humanitarian crisis right now. As you read this, thousands of children are going to sleep on an empty stomach every day

The supply chains in Myanmar that the Burmese people rely on for the provision of food have been severely disrupted. There are many reasons for these disruptions such as monsoonal showers that often lead to flooding, and restrictions on movement that were caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus. Because of this, the cost of rice and cooking oil, which are still the main staple foods in Myanmar, have skyrocketed. The average cost of a bag of rice in the city is about $USD30. However, the cost of a bag of rice in the countryside is nearly twice as expensive. Needless to say, the cost of meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables have also gone up. 

But the cost of food in Chin state is not the only problem over there. Armed conflict is another serious problem in Chin state. Conflicts along the border usually entail gunfights that happen with little to nowarning. Getting caught up in the crossfire is one risk that most parents will not take, and that might help explain why most children and university students cannot get a decent education in Chin state. 


About Muang


Muang is originally from Chin state, which is located in the far North-West region of Myanmar. Even though he left his hometown to start a refugee shelter in Yangon many years ago, which is better known as the Chin Refugee Centre, there are many people who are going through very hard times in Chin state today. 

Muang's rental apartment in Yangon has been turned into a sanctuary for a multitude of financially disadvantaged people, and most of those people were born in Chin state. 


In addition to Muang's nuclear family, he has gone to a great deal of effort to accommodate students, internally displaced people and financially disadvantaged children from single-parent families. 

Accommodation means so much more than just providing a rain shelter for the children in Muang's care. Muang will use your hard earned money to purchase: 

● Better quality food 

● Clean water 

● Reliable power 

● Children's clothing 

● Toiletries 

● Hygiene products 

● Educational materials 

● Stationery 

Muang is serious about empowering the teenagers in his care to become more self-reliant. This is why Muang has previously spent money on sewing machines, which is an excellent money-making trade for a developing country like Myanmar. 

Muang's expenses have increased dramatically ever since the Mission2Myanmar (M2M) started financially supporting the Chin Refugee Centre in Yangon. Since there is currently no end in sight for the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, M2M decided to start this Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) to tackle poverty and improve welfare. 

For only $AUD20 a month, you can make a difference in a child's life.

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